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The American Chartered Trade Specialist (ACTS)

Program Overview

The ACTS is a program that demonstrates a very high level of competence for professionals working in any sector having to do either directly or indirectly with international trade. The ACTS is a Continuous Trade Education (CTE) program that has five levels. Each level is an independent trade professional development program that cumulate into 100CTE points. The trade professional development programs that constitutes these five levels include: Certified Basic Trade Professional/Certificate in Trade Customer Service, Certified Intermediate Trade Professional, Certified Advance Trade Professional, Certified Specialist in Trade Finance, Diploma in Export Business Management/Trade Finance.

Admission Requirements

To become an American Chartered Trade Specialists (ACTS), the candidate must have completed and passed the following trade examination or their equivalent and these include the following:
  • Certified Basic Trade Professional or Certificate in Trade Customer Service - 15 points.
  • Certified Intermediate Trade Professional - 15 points.
  • Certified Advance Trade Professional - 15 points.
  • Certified Specialist in Trade Finance - 15 points.
  • Diploma in Export Business Management /Diploma in Export Trade Finance - 40 points.
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