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Diploma, Advanced & Professional
in Public Health

Build careers making a difference

Combines the latest academic theory with practical application

You can acquire the critical thinking skills and entrepreneurial opportunities needed to make a transformational impact in people’s lives.


Improving public health helps build stronger communities for everyone. With AIES's Diploma, Advanced and Professional Diploma in Public Health, you can gain knowledge and skills in areas of public health such as epidemiology, biostatistics, and environmental health. This Professional Diploma lets you hone in on your passion that can help you stand out from the crowd. Plus, The Professional Diploma provides a proven pathway to the AIES Mini Master of Publc Health.

Upon completion, you will be able to:

  • Explore public health concepts like health administration, environmental health, biostatistics, and behavioral health.
  • Apply evidence to change public health practice and policy.
  • Expand your ability to assess and lead in executing solutions to public health problems.
  • Evaluate effectiveness and of public health initiatives on population outcomes.
  • Gain the skills and knowledge to design, manage, and evaluate public health programs.
  • Manage health information to improve community and population health outcomes.

To be awarded the Diploma, Advanced and Professional Diploma in Public Health you must satisfactorily complete all written contributions. Successful students will receive a Diploma, Advanced and Professional Diploma in Public Health. A transcript detailing the course will be issued to successful students.

Program Structure

The Diploma, Advanced and Professional Diploma in Public Health are delivered at AIES approved centers over the course of 6 months (each level). The Diploma, Advanced and Professional Diploma consist of four levels.

Certificate in Public Health - Level 3

  • PH 106 - Introduction to Human Services
  • PH 110 - Health Behaviors
  • DHA 220 - Introduction to Human Health
  • DHR 220 - Introduction to Human Resource Management
  • DBUS 223 - Developing Management Skills

Foundation Diploma in Public Health - Level 4

  • DPH 220 - Introduction to Public Health
  • DPH 223 - Human Disease and Prevention
  • POLI 100 - Introduction to International Politics
  • COMP 101 - Introduction to Computer Science
  • ENG 101 - English Composition

Diploma in Public Health – Level 4

  • DPH 240 - Introduction to Environmental Health
  • DPH 245 - Introduction to Epidemiology
  • DPH 323 - Public Health Education and Communication
  • DPH 340 - Ethical and Legal Issues in Healthcare
  • DPH 345 - Behavioral and Cultural Issues in Healthcare

Advanced Diploma in Public Health – Level 5

  • DPH 348 - Public and Global Health
  • DPH 350 - Introduction to Healthcare Management
  • Math 206 - College Algebra
  • OMM 106 - Interpersonal Communication
  • PSY 106 - Introduction to Psychology

Professional Diploma in Public Health – Level 6

  • DPH 350 - Context of Healthcare Delivery
  • DPH 420 - Energy, Environment and Public Health
  • DPH 423 - Public Heath Toxicology
  • DPH 440 - Climate Change and Public Health
  • DPH 445 - Food Systems and Public Health

What can you do with a Professional Diploma in Public Health?

A public health award gives you the professional foundation and transferable skills you need to understand and work on a wide range of issues in a variety of industries and fields, including issues you see in the news every day, from COVID-19 to health care policy, firearm safety, and racism. Those with public health awards keep communities healthy, protect workers, prevent and address pandemics, pursue social justice, drive public policy, spearhead disaster relief, ensure access to healthcare, and so much more. Public health professionals are at the forefront of research, practice, and service in nonprofits, community organizations, higher education, government, private industry, and health care.

The Professional Diploma provides a proven pathway to the AIES Mini Master’s

Why choose AIES?

Flexible Study Options

AIES programs are extremely flexible. Our wide variety of program options enable you to specialize in areas that interest you and are in demand from employers around the world.

Cost Effective

AIES strives to ensure that our tuition is as affordable as possible without compromising the standards of our qualifications.


At AIES, we are continuously working to ensure that our course offerings are based upon the most up-to-date methodologies and academic research available.

Career Development Opportunities

Studying with AIES gives you the opportunity to develop your knowledge and grow your key competencies.

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