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Mini Master
of HIV/AIDS Management

Increase your knowledge

Combines the latest academic theory with practical application

You can acquire the critical thinking skills and entrepreneurial opportunities needed to make a transformational impact in people’s lives.


Nearly four decades into the HIV epidemic advances in diagnosis and treatment have transformed what was once considered to be an almost universally fatal disease into a manageable chronic health problem. People with HIV are living longer lives and their primary health care needs are similar to those without HIV. Many health care providers who began working in the field of HIV early on are now retiring, resulting in an HIV health provider workforce shortage.

The Mini Master of HIV/AIDS Management provides students with HIV/AIDS knowledge to enable them to work effectively in HIV/AIDS public health organizations, community-based organizations, AIDS service organizations, and HIV/AIDS research.

Upon completion, you will be able to:

  • Explain the biological process by which HIV causes infection and AIDS, and how current HIV treatment and prevention strategies relate to these biological processes
  • Understand how social and cultural issues, including laws and ethics, affect the history of HIV and influence current strategies to stop HIV transmission and End the HIV Epidemic.
  • Find and interpret epidemiologic data related to HIV/AIDS within different geographical areas or subsets of the population.
  • Develop skills in the design and interpretation of research studies, including development of research questions, searching for literature, and communicating in writing.
To be awarded the Mini Master of HIV/AIDS Management you must satisfactorily complete all written contributions. Successful students will receive a Mini Master of HIV/AIDS Management. A transcript detailing the course will be issued to successful students.


The Mini Master of HIV/AIDS Management is delivered at AIES approved centers over the course of 6 months.

Mini Master of HIV/AIDS Management

  • PH 505 - Health Policy and Advocacy
  • HAM 510 - Introduction to Biostatistical Methods
  • HAM 520 - Epidemiology of Infectious Disease
  • PH 525 - Global Health Ethics and Human Rights
  • MN 530 - Project

What can you do with a Mini Master of HIV/AIDS Management?

While treatment options for those living with HIV and AIDS have improved exponentially over the years, there is still a lot to be done. Students who earn Mini Master of HIV/AIDS Management can use their expertise to help those with the virus live long and full lives, as well as contribute to prevention and education efforts.

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