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Intermediate Trade Professional Program

Program Overview

The CITP program covers handling import-export trade challenges, import-exportfinance options and marketing and selling trade products.
Designation: Certified Intermediate Trade Professional (CITP).
Targets: Professionals with basic trade knowledge, who have handled trade transactions for 3-4 years in banks orimport-export trading companies and graduates of CBTP.
Duration: 3 months.
Number of Hours: 60 hours (facilitation and student study time).


At the end of these training programme for the various levels, the participants will be equipped with knowledgeand skills needed to be able to:
  • Handle import-export trade transactions
  • Proffer solutions to complex trade problems
  • Develop trade products and services program
  • Market and sell trade products and services
  • Have a good understanding and apply trade rules and articles
  • Mitigate trade finance risks and frauds
  • Become indispensable trade specialists
  • Handle import trade customer challenges
  • Render support services to export trade customers
  • Monitor Import-export trade processes
  • Handle payment methods in international trade
  • Structure trade customer service unit for best customer experience

Course Contents

  • Handling Import Trade Customers Challenges
  • Handling Export Trade Customers Challenges
  • Emerging Services In Trade Customer Service
  • Marketing, Managing And Multiplying Trade Customers
  • Selling International Trade Products And Services
  • Short, Medium And Long Term Financing
  • Understanding Import Trade Finance Options
  • Understanding Export Trade Finance Options
  • Handling Structured Trade Finance
  • Handling the Four Pillars of Trade Finance
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