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Executive Diploma in Service Export Management

Program Overview

The Executive Diploma in Service Export Management was designed to empower Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) from around the world and particularly from developing countries with competence needed to leverage on their lower labour costs, highly skilled manpower and globalization driven by technology to render their services to individuals and businesses in different parts of the world. Through this programme, the participants would be equipped with skills needed to go beyond their geography and take a market share in a foreign market through any modes of service export as defined by the World trade Organisation (WTO).


  • To expose the participants to the potentials of service export
  • To understand the various modes of service export
  • To have an overview of the various services that are exportable
  • To position SMEs to take advantage of the huge purchasing power in developed countries
  • To under the principles that guides exportation of services
  • To learn how to effectively promote services in their export market
  • To ensure appropriate pricing for the services exported abroad
  • To secure service export payment using guarantee and standby letter of credit
  • To understand how to handle all the likely challenges of service export business
  • To handle the intricacies of sales contract in service export


  • Earn in foreign exchange
  • Increased sales volume
  • Increase income & profitability
  • Diversify market risks
  • Create market share abroad
  • Extend service life cycle
  • Utilisation of idle capacity
  • Immune to decline in domestic economy


  • ICT: Softwares, Apps, Websites, Fintech
  • Professional Services: Legal, Accounting, Taxation
  • Management consulting: Studies, Reports
  • Marketing: Market Research, Advertising, 
  • Training & Education Services
  • Engineering & Architectural Services
  • Entertainment Services
  • Customer Service & Call Center
  • Graphics & Photography
  • HR Related Services


The duration of the training program shall be for a minimum of 90 hours (this majorly comprises ofclass room lectures and interaction with the facilitators).
  • Preamble and Preparations for Service Export
  • Planning and Principles of Success in Service Export
  • Prototypes and Possibilities of Service Export Trade
  • Potentials & Power of Service Export Trade
  • Purchase Orders and Procurements of Trade in Services
  1. Process of Service Export Trade
  2. Paperwork Required for Innovation in Service Export
  3. Payment in Service Export Trade- Demand Guarantee
  4. Payment in Service Export Trade- Standby Letter of credit
  5. Pricing in Service Export Trade
  1. Promotion in Service Export Trade-Introduction
  2. Promotion in Service Export Trade-Entry Strategies
  3. Promotion in Service Export Trade-Leverage ICT
  4. Pertinent Challenges in Service Export Business
  5. Programme Revision and End of Course Assessment
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