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Certified Trade Rule Litigation Specialist

Program Overview

This is a 3-month program, and it is designed to enable lawyers around the world to develop the skills and competence needed to apply the relevant trade rules and articles when they are structuring transactions using trade trade finance instruments. It will also build their capacities to be able to effectively handle litigations that involve any form of trade rules and articles.

The Certified Trade Rule Litigation Specialist (CTRLS) enables lawyers to demonstrate expertise and competence in handling Eight (8) different trade rules and articles in international trade and these include: UCP600, ISBP745, URC522, URR725, URDG758, INCOTERMS 2020, eUCP, and ISP98.


  • Positioning to handle trade litigation for banks.
  • Understanding rules guiding International Trade transactions
  • Effective & efficient drafting of Demand Guarantee instrument
  • Effective  & efficient drafting of Standby Letter of Credit instrument
  • Effective drafting of International Trade contract
  • International recognized certification


  • Lawyers that handle trade litigations
  • Lawyers who work in the bank
  • Lawyers in Multinational organisation
  • Lawyers in other financial institutions
  • Lawyers that draft guarantee & Standby LC
  • Lawyers in FMCG etc


Certified Trade Rule Litigation Specialist (CTRLS)

Course Outline

  • Synopsis Of International Trade Rules - UCP600
  • Synopsis Of International Trade Rules - ISBP745
  • Synopsis Of International Trade Rules - Incoterms 2020
  • Synopsis Of International Trade Rules - URC522
  • Synopsis Of International Trade Rules - URR725
  • Synopsis of International Trade Rules – eUCP
  • Trade Finance Instruments - Demand Guarantee - (URDG758)
  • Trade Finance Instruments - Standby Letter Of Credit - (ISP98)


A 3-hour exam with 140 multiple choice questions
Case studies linked to 30 questions

Assessment & Grade

There will be an end of course assessment test for each of the programmes. It will last for stipulated hours and it comprises of multiple choice, standalone questions and case studies.

The grades awarded to the participants as follows:

Distinction – 85% and above
Credit – 70% - 84%
Pass – 60% - 69%

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