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Certified Specialist In Trade Finance

Program Overview

The CSTF programme covers structured trade finance, supply chain finance, understanding forwards, options and futures, monitoring trade finance transactions etc.
Designation: Certified Specialist In Trade Finance (CSTF).
Targets: Treasurers, Credit Risk Officers, Trade Specialist, Trade Desk Officer/Manager in banks and staff of Import and Export trading.
Duration: 3 months.
Number of Hours: 60 hours (facilitation and student study time).


At the end of these training programme for the various levels, the participants will be equipped with knowledgeand skills needed to be able to:
  • Handle import-export trade transactions
  • Proffer solutions to complex trade problems
  • Develop trade products and services program
  • Market and sell trade products and services
  • Have a good understanding and apply trade rules and articles
  • Mitigate trade finance risks and frauds
  • Become indispensable trade specialists
  • Handle import trade customer challenges
  • Render support services to export trade customers
  • Monitor Import-export trade processes
  • Handle payment methods in international trade
  • Structure trade customer service unit for best customer experience

Course Contents

  • Introduction To International Trade
  • Understanding Short, Medium to Long Term Trade Financing
  • Handling Structured Trade Finance
  • Understanding Supply Chain Finance
  • Managing Trade Finance risk and fraud
  • Understanding forwards, futures and options
  • Monitoring and Information flow in trade finance transaction
  • Trade Finance Instruments - BC, LC, SBLC and Demand Guarantee
  • Risk profile for payment methods in trade
  • Synopsis of trade-based money laundering and terrorist financing
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